7 golden rules for creating the perfect logo

The logo is that concept, graphic element or symbol linked to the corporate identity of a company, website or product. The logo of a brand is the most important representation is based in the mind of a customer or consumer.
A well-designed logo instantly connects people to the product. The classic example is the Coca Cola logo, which is known worldwide. When you look at the logo, instantly feel the taste of soda in your mouth. An effective logo is one that helps your company to be recognized and remembered better. The logo design requires a large amount of inspiration.

The process of creating a logo is an art that depends on the creativity of the designer and the disclosure of that image through various marketing strategies. The logo will be printed on all stationery, such as cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, business cards, leaflets, advertisements, etc.
Creating a logo is not a simple hook. There are a set of basic features that must meet if it is to be effective and which will become the visual lure of a company to the public.
In my article today I bring you:
7 golden rules to create the perfect brand logo:

1. versatility
When starting to design a logo to be taken into account that will be used in various types of media, ie not only appear in a graphic medium, but can be applied to corporeal, on websites, on business cards, on objects , t-shirts, banners, etc.
2. simplicity
A logo is intended to mainly be remembered by either the slogan or the power of the symbol itself, to achieve this, we simply set the basis to form the image of the brand. The logos such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Nike, Google, Adidas or Ebay are remembered by a common denominator: they are simple.

It is also important to define the core values of the brand, set them in two or three key phrases and use them as a starting point for designing forms, colors and actions.
3. Easy to memorize and understand all.
Again, simplicity is the key to designing a logo.
Color of the logo:
The colors are associated with emotions, memories, places and visual images in our brain. When we contemplate the blue dream of the sea, the red suggests passion, danger or forbidden things. The green makes you feel calm and mentally transports us to nature. White alludes purity, innocence, cleanliness. Use the colors in the right context controls our thoughts in the right direction.
Shape logo:
The shape of the logo is another important part. There must be a way too complex, because the message will surely be difficult to understand for people.
Type or kind of logo:
There are generally three types or classes of logos. The first group includes those in which highlights the text on the other graphic elements, such as IBM, Samsumg, Microsoft and Sony, are basically typos.

A second group of logo design is based on some of the characteristics of the company. For example a logo to see displayed on the profile of a house we can guess that this is a real estate or construction company.

Finally, a third group of logos, which are mainly symbolic and abstract, for example, Nike that transmits speed and power, or that of Opel, which transmits a combination of stability and speed.

4. The logo must respond to questions purpose? For whom? And what message?
A logo can not explain what a company does, but it can hold in its implicit message that you want the client to think about the product.
A logo should answer these questions:
What is the purpose of this logo?
Who is the target audience?
What message you want to convey?
But remember, do not be too literal. Good design is accompanied by the subtlety. The logos seek to attract consumer attention and quickly be recognized, based on simplicity. It is highly desirable to include an element of subtlety, so the brand will be imprinted on the retina with greater intensity, because it has something that arouses curiosity.
5. The logo should be timeless
A really powerful logo survives changes in trends over the years. You may experience slight modifications, but will remain broadly unchanged.
Many brands update their logos every 20 years or so. This is why it is essential to establish a concept that does not become obsolete in a short time.
It is a misconception that to be fashionable must change our logo every year, and the client does not usually create an anchor around the mark if used for a short period of time. The logo should not be changed unless he is to be a complete overhaul of the brand.
The identity of a corporation is not just a logo, it is vital to maintain a visual consistency in all communications, whether through brochures, websites, stationery, posters, etc. Remember that the corporate identity of a company is its letter to the public and therefore constitute the image that people make about the organization.
6. The logo should be able to display in black and white.
With this rule, we can verify that simplicity is implemented. The fact that a logo symbolizes look and the same black and white ensures that materialized the concept we wanted to convey.
7. The logo should reflect the values and vision of the company.
If the company has high quality standards, then all colors, images, and style must project this also. If the company represents charity, solidarity, etc., as the logo can be symbolized with a feature of a human figure or their values.
You should ask yourself:
What are the values of the brand? Will customers be able to intuit these visuals to look at the logo? An effective brand not only reflects the values of the organization they represent, but also promotes them.
If you need to create a logo for your business, your brand, or your product, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a team of professional designers with extensive experience in designing attractive and effective logos.

How to design the perfect logo

Logos are the defining elements of a brand image. Whether it’s a company, a person, or a product, the logo is always the attribute most recognizable brand image. Ensure that the logo perfectly represents the brand image that aspires to be. It is the priority when you are designing it.

Every logo has a few basic elements: the mnemonics, the image, name, and the slogan of the brand. Anyway, the name of the brand is the only element that remains unchanged. All other elements are optional.


The first thing to consider when designing a logo is the need to go for simplicity. Include too many elements in the logo can overwhelm the beholder, so is completely lost its raison d’etre.

When someone contemplates a logo, you need to be able to identify exactly what the brand is engaged, or at least have an idea of the industry to which it belongs.


  Easy to recognize:

The perfect logo have the same power and always cause the same effect on the consumer, whatever the means used to disseminate.

Whether you look on the small screen in the newspaper or cup, the logo represents the brand and the consumer recognizes it as such.



To achieve perfection, or at least close to it, the best ally of a logo in simplicity. The market is full of logos, some simple, others more complicated.

They are the first, however, those most likely to be burned into the brain of the consumer, reports Top Design.




The perfection of a logo is actually achieved with a few elements. First and foremost it must be something that differentiates the logo entirely from its competitors and that meets the eye easily. It is the consumer to identify the logo with a simple glance.


The logo design is a simple process that can become complex and requires always keep in mind the message you are trying to convey to him. To achieve this flexibility can be the best friend of the designer. The key is to design several logos with several interchangeable components and test which ones are best suited to the personality of the brand.

  Represent the brand:

To be really perfect, a logo has to represent the brand in every aspect of it. Need to condense the thoughts and ideas of the brand and also the thoughts and ideas that the audience wants to identify. If the designer and the brand have this clear, they are actually able to create the perfect logo.