How to design the perfect logo

Logos are the defining elements of a brand image. Whether it’s a company, a person, or a product, the logo is always the attribute most recognizable brand image. Ensure that the logo perfectly represents the brand image that aspires to be. It is the priority when you are designing it.

Every logo has a few basic elements: the mnemonics, the image, name, and the slogan of the brand. Anyway, the name of the brand is the only element that remains unchanged. All other elements are optional.


The first thing to consider when designing a logo is the need to go for simplicity. Include too many elements in the logo can overwhelm the beholder, so is completely lost its raison d’etre.

When someone contemplates a logo, you need to be able to identify exactly what the brand is engaged, or at least have an idea of the industry to which it belongs.


  Easy to recognize:

The perfect logo have the same power and always cause the same effect on the consumer, whatever the means used to disseminate.

Whether you look on the small screen in the newspaper or cup, the logo represents the brand and the consumer recognizes it as such.



To achieve perfection, or at least close to it, the best ally of a logo in simplicity. The market is full of logos, some simple, others more complicated.

They are the first, however, those most likely to be burned into the brain of the consumer, reports Top Design.




The perfection of a logo is actually achieved with a few elements. First and foremost it must be something that differentiates the logo entirely from its competitors and that meets the eye easily. It is the consumer to identify the logo with a simple glance.


The logo design is a simple process that can become complex and requires always keep in mind the message you are trying to convey to him. To achieve this flexibility can be the best friend of the designer. The key is to design several logos with several interchangeable components and test which ones are best suited to the personality of the brand.

  Represent the brand:

To be really perfect, a logo has to represent the brand in every aspect of it. Need to condense the thoughts and ideas of the brand and also the thoughts and ideas that the audience wants to identify. If the designer and the brand have this clear, they are actually able to create the perfect logo.